Welcome to Pyromagic Fireworks


We are a trusted wholesaler with a proven track record of reliably delivering on our promise. We do our part to ensure all distributors are successful in building their fireworks businesses. We are a large enough company that we are able to offer competitive pricing on the best, most reliable and innovative firework products in the industry, but small enough that we are able to provide an unmatched level of personalized customer service.

Pyromagic Fireworks is a locally owned, family business. We are passionate about fireworks and love building long-lasting realtionships with our customers, providing them with the highest quality fireworks at the lowest prices. We offer a huge selection of cakes, artillery, missiles, fountains, firecrackers and more.

Pyromagic makes shopping for fireworks online easier by including a video preview so you know how each firework will perform before you buy. 

Pyromagic distributes exclusively for the top fireworks providers;  BIG Fireworks, Screamin’ Demon Fireworks, Brothers Fireworks, Certified Black Label Fireworks and Empire Fireworks.